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A wise man said once, if we don't learn from history, then we are doomed to repeat it. We've been repeating it for years now, its time to start again.

At present these are all the pictures I have. But if anyone has anything thats not posted and would like to share, I would appreciate a copy. At this point I would like to thank, the People and Institutions that have help me with what I sharing now. The City of Creal Springs, Williamson County Historical Society, Bank of Marion, Crab Orchard Library District, Southern Illinoisian, Marion Daily Republican, Marion Unit 2 School district, several old magines and organazation, I can't even remember the names right now.

Individuals who have helped, Ann Brown, Clyde Robertson, Patty Hunt, Jim Burns, Billy Jean Troxel, Mr George Avery, Carrol Newbold, Mrs Jean Motsinger. There are many many more individuals that have shared their pictures, written articial, and stories with me. But unfortunately, I can't put them to print, because they aren't substantiated by, court records, written materials of any kind, but there still great. 

I just recieved three new pictures from (Thanks) Mrs Jean Motsinger, Long View, Texas. New view ozark, side view of the 1913 school, Mr Alison Clarks Family, (First postmaster of Creal) another shot of depot.